Boulders Lose Second Game Against T-Bones

The Boulders lost the second game in their away series against the Kansas City T-Bones 7-5. By the fourth inning the T-Bones had a 4-1 lead in a tight game, with the Boulders following in the fifth with three runs, tying the score 4-4. The Boulders gained another run when Danny Bomback walked to first with the bases loaded. The T-Bones scored two more runs by the final inning, winning the game. Rockland and Kansas City face off again tonight at 8:05.

Boulders Win Against T-Bones

The Boulders beat out the Kansas City T-Bones last night with a score of 7-5. The game started with Kansas gaining a 3-0 lead by the third inning, but the Boulders soon scored four runs. In the fourth the T-Bones tied up the score 5-5 and in the top of the eighth Nandin brought in two runs with a hit to far left field, giving the Boulders the win. The Boulders are now 2 and a half game away from second place, currently being held by the New Jersey jackals. Rockland will go against Kansas City again tonight at 8:05 and will return to Provident Bank Park on August 24 to face the Jackals in a five game series.

Boulders Lose Series To Lincoln Saltdogs

The Boulders weekend series against the Lincoln Saltdogs ended with the Boulders loss. On Friday the Boulders lost 3-2, playing thirteen innings against the Saltdogs. But on Saturday the Boulders won 2-1, Webb scoring the first run and Cardullo the second. On Sunday the Boulders lost again 4-0, ultimately losing the series against the American Association team. This loss leaves Rockland in third place in the Can Am League, trailing behind New Jersey in second and quebec in first. The Boulders move on in their road trip to play the Kansas City T-Bones tonight at 8:05 and will return to Provident Bank Park to face the New Jersey Jackals on August 23.

Boulders Lose Series To Redhawks

The Boulders lost the series to the Fargo-Moorhead Redhawks after a score of 5-1 in the final game yesterday. In the bottom of the first the Redhawks scored three runs, and the Boulders scored one when Jaren Matthews hit a double to bring in Molina. In the top of the fifth inning the Redhawks scored another two runs to end the game 5-1. The New Jersey Jackals are now in second place in the Can Am League, Rockland moved down one spot to third. Quebec Les Capitales remains in first. The boulders move on to face the Lincoln Saltdogs in a three game series starting tonight at 8:05 Eastern Time.

Boulders Lose To Fargo-Moorhead

The Boulders lost last night, in the second game against the Fargo-Moorhead Redhawks 4-1. New Boulder Carlos Rivera brought in Jerod Edmondson with the first run of the game, but the Redhawks quickly scored two runs, taking the lead. By the bottom of the seventh Fargo-Moorhead scored another two, giving them the win over Rockland. The two teams will play their third game in the four games series tonight at 8:02.

Boulders Win Series Opener

The Boulders were victorious in the first game of their away series against the Fargo-Moorhead Redhawks. Two scoreless innings into the game the Boulders Steve Nyisztor scored one run in the top of the third, though the Redhawks tied the game in the fourth. During the sixth Rockland regained control on Donnie Webb’s run, with a 2-1 score. Again in the seventh the Redhawks tied the game 2-2. And in the ninth the Boulders scored two runs giving them the win and a final score of 4-2. This puts the team in the second place spot in the Can Am League, the New Jersey Jackal’s loss last night removes them from the tie. The Boulders will face the Redhawks again tonight in Fargo-Moorhead at 8:02.

Rockland Boulders Win Series Against Trois-Rivieres Aigles

The Rockland Boulders had an incredible weekend to make up for their last series against the Wichita Wingnuts. In the three game series against the Three River Eagles, Rockland won the first and the third, losing Saturday’s game 7-5. On Friday the Boulders won 4-1, courtesy of Bobby Blevins, who pitched his fifth complete game. And on Sunday the Boulders won the game with a score of 1-0, winning the series. Rockland has regained second place in the Can Am League, tied with the New Jersey Jackals, the Quebec Les Capitales remaining in first place. Tonight Rockland travels to Fargo- Moorhead to verse the Redhawks at 8:02 pm for a four game series. The next ten games for the Boulders will be away, facing various teams in the American Association.

Boulders Drop To Third Place In Can Am League

The Wichita Wingnuts took the four game series against the Boulders after Rockland lost last night’s final game 9-6. Despite the rain the game started with Wichita in a 3-0 lead. In the bottom of the third inning the Boulders scored one run when Jerod Edmundson brought home Donnie Webb. In the bottom of the ninth the Boulders tried to catch up, with no luck. The team has officially dropped to third place in the Can Am League and return tonight to Provident Bank Park to face the Three River Eagles once again. Listen to the game live here at WRCR Radio Rockland 1300 am or streaming live online at

Boulders Lose Third Game In The Series Against Wingnuts

The Rockland Boulders got hit hard Wednesday night in their third game against the Wichita Wingnuts. After leading 2-1 in the third inning, they allowed 20 hits from the Wingnuts for the remainder of the game, achieving almost none themselves. The final score was 15-3, the Boulders trailing behind in the final innings. Rockland holds on to the same overall record for the Can Am League, four games behind Quebec putting them in second place, tied with the New Jersey jackals. They will play Wichita again tonight in the final game of the series at Provident Bank Park at 7:00 pm. Of course, you can listen to the game live at radio Rockland 1300 AM or online at

Boulders Lose Again

The Boulders lost Tuesday morning’s game against the Wichita Wingnuts 7-5. Rockland began the game with the lead, when Jero Edmundson hit a two run homer, but slowly Wichita took over in the third inning. By the eighth inning the Boulders were attempting to regain the win; the score being Wichita 7, Rockland 4; Rockland scoring one more run by Angel Molina. Unfortunately for the Boulders the final score was 7-5. The two teams play again tonight at 7:00 at Provident Bank Park, the third game in the four game series. You can listen to the game live here at Radio Rockland 1300 AM or online at wrcr. Com.