Rockland Boulders Lose To Aigles

The Rockland Boulders lost the final game in the series against the Three Rivers Eagles this Sunday 8-1. Friday’s game was cancelled due to travel difficulties faced by Three Rivers so the two teams were forced to play a double on Saturday, with the Boulders losing the opening game 6-3, but tying the three game series with a victory on Saturday night 2-0. Rockland’s loss last night means that the Boulders remain in second place in the Can Am League, but have fallen four games behind the Quebec Les Capitales. The Boulders return to Provident Bank Park tonight to play the Wichita Wingnuts at 7:00 pm.

Boulders Still In Race, Despite Rain Out

The Boulders game was cancelled Thursday night due to inclement weather, leaving the score against the New Jersey Jackals as a tie 0-0. The Boulders will play the Tres Riveres Aigles in Canada tonight at 7:05.

Boulders Lose To The Jackals

The Boulders lost to the New Jersey Jackals in yesterday’s 10 inning game, 6-5. Rockland began the game with a 1-0 lead, but the Jakcals quickly tied the game. It was back and forth with the Boulders taking the lead again after Bomback brought in two runs, but the Jakcals eventually took the win.The two teams play again tonight at Yogi Berra Stadium in New Jersey.

Boulders Beat the Jackals

The Boulders won the 11:00 game against the New Jersey Jackals yesterday morning at Provident Bank Park. Rockland held the game for seven- innings until the eleventh inning when New Jersey took the lead. Then Matthews brought Cardullo home to tie the game, Bomback took a walk and the team won the game in the end of the eleventh inning. The Boulders are now four games ahead of the Jackals in the Can Am Games and remain in second place behind the Quebec Les Capitales. The Boulders and the Jackals face off again today in Montclair New Jersey.

Boulders’ Crazy Weekend

The Boulders had an interesting weekend, losing Friday to the Newark Bears, the team in last place in the Can Am League, 6-3. But then on Saturday, Irish Heritage Night, the Boulders pulled out an incredible win, beating the Bears 13-3, tying up the three game series. And last night the Boulders broke that tie, and won the series with a score of 10-1, even though the weather forced the game to start late due to rain delay. The Boulders will take tonight off and return tomorrow at 11:00 am, facing off against the New Jersey Jackals at Provident Bank Park.

Boulders Win Series Against Les Capitales

The Boulders won the 3 game series against the Quebec Les Capitales in last night’s game, with a final score of 3-2. Marty Popham pitched seven innings and is credited with the win, though Kreis and Fuqua pitched the eighth and ninth innings to help secure the win. The Boulders remain in second place, keeping a steady three game lead on the New Jersey Jackals. Tonight the Boulders play the Newark Bears at 6:30 in New Jersey, and will return to Provident Bank Park tomorrow night.

Boulders Lose Against Les Capitales

The Rockland Boulders lost last night in the second game against the Quebec Les Capitales 3-2. It was a close game but the Boulders last attempts weren’t enough and Quebec pulled in the win. They will have a chance to break the tie in this 3 game series against the Les Capitales when the two teams play again tonight in Canada at 7:05.

Boulders Break Losing Streak

The Boulders are back after their two game losing streak against the Winnipeg Goldeyes this past weekend. After a night off on Monday they took the win Tuesday, against the Quebec Les Capitales. Pat Moran pitched seven innings, striking out six players on the Quebec team. The Boulders scored five runs in the fourth inning and kept scoring well into the sixth, with the final score of 10-2 putting them just a little closer to first place. The two teams will face each other again tonight at 7:05 pm.

Boulders Rack Up The Losses

The Boulders lost 9-2 Friday night, against the Winnipeg Goldeyes. Pitcher Cameron Bayne gave up four runs in the first inning, one in the second, and two in the sixth, setting the Boulders up for the loss. And on Saturday, the final game in the series against Winnipeg, the Boulders lost again, 4-3. The game started with Winnipeg in control, though Rockland fought back in the bottom of the third, but it wasn’t enough and the Goldeyes scored two more runs in the fourth inning. The Boulders have off tonight but travel to Canada tomorrow to face the Quebec Les Capitales once again.

The Boulders Open With A Win

The Boulders won again last night in their opening game against the Winnipeg Goldeyes 9-1. Stephen Cardullo had a three run hit at the bottom of the second, setting up the Boulders for the lead. Bobby Blevins pitched the entire game, throwing eight scoreless innings. Rockland just kept scoring runs through the bottom of the sixth and seventh, including a two run hit by Jerod Edmondson. Come see the boulders take on the Winnipeg Goldeyes tonight at 7:00 at Provident Bank Park. Or you can listen live here at WRCR 1300 AM!