Nyack Skatepark to Open Next Week

The Village of Nyack will be opening the newly finished skatepark next week, after years of planning and construction. In 2010 residents began a petition for a park, which was later approved by Village Trustees and received grants from the Tony Hawk Foundation and New York State New York State totaling $125,000. Construction on the 5,000 square foot project in Misano Skateparks. There is going to be an opening day celebration on November 21 from 12:00 PM to 4:00 PM with contests, music, and food.

New Tuxedo Farms Shopping Center Proposed

A New York City developer has proposed a new shopping plaza on Route 17 in Tuxedo that would extend into Sloatsburg. The Village Planning Board will continue looking at the proposal at a meeting on Tuesday, where they will discuss the 63,000 square foot project that will include a supermarket and retail stores, and will connect to the Tuxedo Farms housing development being built there. The residential project will have homes and rental units, parks, playgrounds, and a YMCA in Tuxedo. Though Sloatsburg Mayor Carl Wright stated to the Journal News that the Planning Board has begun approvals for the zone change required to build the shopping center, many have voiced concerns about the effects development would have on the environment in the area, especially because it is in the Ramapo River watershed.

Customer Complains about North Rockland Restaurant on Facebook

The Rockland County Department of Health is investigating claims made over the weekend by a customer of Pizza Hut in West Haverstraw, who complained on Facebook that they received a pizza that was soaked in urine. The customers stated on the North Rockland Community Facebook page that they were delivered a pizza from the Pizza Hut on 9W, and were told they could not pay for it at their home. The restaurant came out against the claims, denying them and saying that the employee actually returned to the store saying the customer had no cash and intended to use a credit card over the phone, though they never did. The customer has not made any statements following the allegations on Facebook, and according to the restaurant they have passed 100% of their inspections.

State Police Searching for Westchester Woman’s Killer

According to State Police, they are investigating the death of a woman in Westchester, whose body was discovered on Monday evening. Around 5:30 PM police arrived at the North Salem home of 83-year old Lois Colley, the wife of Eugene Colley, a millionaire owner of multiple McDonald’s franchises. Officials stated that a caretaker at the couple’s estate found the woman dead, having suffered blunt force trauma. There appeared to be no signs of forced entry and the caretaker was ruled out as a suspect. Colley was last known to have spoken to someone around 3:00 PM, two hours before she is believed to have died at 5:00 that day. Police are searching for clues regarding the socialite’s murder, including looking for a fire extinguisher that was missing from the home, which may have been discarded near the property on Titicus Road.

Comptroller Releases Report on Rockland Budget

The New York State Comptroller released a report on Tuesday, which pointed out the pros and cons of Rockland County Executive Ed Day’s proposed 2016 budget. In the report Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli stated that the budget is a reasonable attempt to solve the fiscal issues the county is faced with, though the revenues listed are overly optimistic for the $723 million plan. DiNapoli called the sale of the Summit Park Nursing Home and the Sain Building “one-shot revenues” that likely won’t do enough to bring down the $29.5 million deficit. Ed Day’s office stated that the deficit will be reduced by the minimum of 10% saying, “The County Executive will accomplish this via budgetary practices and running government more efficiently, which has already yielded impressive savings during the first two years of his administration.” The Legislature agrees with the Comptroller’s reports that the budget will do little to keep costs down, the property tax levy will increase by 5% for homeowners. There will be a public forum on November 17 at the Allison Paris County Office Building at 7:00 PM where residents can hear further discussion on the spending plan.

Kyrias Joel Expansion Approved by Residents

According to results from a special election on Monday night, voters in Monroe have approved the annexation of land to the village of Kyrias Joel. Held for residents living within the 164-acres proposed for annexation who were able to vote yes or no and fifty-two of them came out to cast their vote, with 40 saying yes and 12 saying no. Various municipalities and Orange County have filed a lawsuit with the state Supreme Court, which is holding up the project, stating that the Hasidic Jewish village did not spend enough time to complete the proper environmental studies. Supporters are saying that the studies were accurate and the project is ready to move forward, though opponents believe the high density housing would have a negative impact on the area.

Tappan Zee Bridge Opening Delayed

According to Thruway Authority officials, the opening of the New Tappan Zee Bridge has been delayed. Executive Director of the organization Robert Megna, stated that the first span of the $3.9 billion project was set to open in December 2016, but has now been pushed back to Spring or Summer of 2017. Megan told the Journal News that officials were worried about the changed traffic pattern, with only four lanes open and a sharper turn there would be major delays during rush hour while driver got used to the differences and they should not have to worry about ice and snow on top of that. Megan also announced that there would be no toll increase on the current bridge for next year, and the task force for the new bridge will continue studying toll charges and traffic patterns to determine a cost for the all electronic toll system.

Audit Shows East Ramapo Has a Surplus

According to an audit filed by O’Connor Davies on the East Ramapo School District budget for this year, there’s over $1 million extra. At Monday night’s board meeting, which was the first for interim Superintendent Deborah Wortham, the company told members that they found $2.4, though $1 million is being used for payments, leaving the district with $1.4 million. Scott Oling, a partner with O’Connor Davies spoke to the board, stating that while the extra money is a good change from last year’s deficit of about $8 million, they are still spending about 99.7% of this year’s budget and the district has yet to implement changes for recommendations made last year regarding bidding on contracts, and the discovery that a former employee who hasn’t worked since 2013 is still authorized to sign checks.

US Airports Strengthening Security for International Flights

According to the Department of Homeland Security, they will be implementing new security efforts in airports following a Russian Metro Jet crash. Homeland Security announced on Friday that incoming international flights will see an increase in screenings of items through customs, the presence of bomb sniffing dogs, random searches of persons, and hand swabbing, focusing on mainly commercial flights. Though security is already intense for international travelers, after the back box showed the Russian flight went down in Egypt last week was due to an explosion, more screenings will be taking place.

Westchester College Union Employees Respond to No New Contract

On Thursday Westchester Executive Rob Astorino announced that the county would not be approving a new contract between the Westchester Community College Board of Trustees and employees in the CSEA union. According to Astorino the pay increases of 7% over the first four years proposed in the contract were to high and though the college responded that there would be no need to increase tuition, the executive disagrees. Union officials stated over the weekend that they will be taking legal action, and employees at the college are deserving of the new pay increases due to higher workloads and less staff working there.

Snow Closings Updated Regularly

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