Westchester’s County Executive Bans Gun Shows on County-owned Property

Westchester’s new county executive has his sights set on guns, specifically gun shows. George Latimer issued an executive order yesterday to ban gun shows from being held on county-owned property. Thousands reportedly attended a gun show at the County Center last year. The legislature may turn the executive order into a county law.

Three Ramapo Police Officers Promoted to Detective

The Town of Ramapo Police Department has three new detectives. In one of his first official acts as Ramapo’s new supervisor, Michael Specht, along with Chief Brad Weidel, presented officer Salmon, officer Curtis and officer Quinn with detective shields yesterday afternoon.

Former Ramapo Assistant Town Attorney to be Sentenced Today

Sentencing for Ramapo’s former assistant town attorney is scheduled for today. Aaron Troodler faces probation and a $25,000 fine after testifying against former Supervisor Chris St. Lawrence. He was found guilty last May of fraud and conspiracy and sentenced last month to 2-and-a-half years in prison, stemming from the financing of the Boulders’ baseball stadium and other projects.

Icy Hudson Shuts Down Haverstraw-Ossining Ferry

Thanks to excessive ice in the Hudson River, the Haverstraw-Ossining Ferry is not operating, so the MTA has broken out contingency travel options for those commuters. There’s a substitute weekday bus schedule between Haverstraw and the Tarrytown Metro-North station. The MTA says Metro-North Haverstraw-Ossining Ferry UniTickets are valid for use on Transport of Rockland’s TAPPAN ZEExpress to Tarrytown Station and Metro-North trains to Grand Central Terminal. Visit www.mta.info or click here for the Contingency Schedule.


Rockland County Executive Sworn In; Urges Homeless Men & Women to Use New Warming Center in Pomona

As the temperatures remain in the teens and 20s, the county executive is urging homeless men and women to use the county’s new Warming Center at the Dr. Robert Yeager Health Center in Pomona that opened last November, a partnership with the group “Helping Hands.” Ed Day says 50 people each night have been using the center since this frigid cold-snap began…

Audio: Ed Day             “…meal and a cot.”                    :20

The Warming Center offers a safe place to stay, hot food, shower and laundry facilities, plus people can meet with Department of Social Services staff to find out about housing or finding employment.

Day was sworn-in for his second term as county executive yesterday. He proudly described the nearly $140-million debt he inherited 4 years ago, having now been completely eliminated…

Audio: Ed Day2           “…in Rockland County.”             :10

Among his goals for the next four years, strengthen government accountability and combat corruption with a newly-established county auditor.

Scarsdale Family Killed in Plane Crash in Costa Rica

A Westchester family was among 12 people killed in a private plane crash in Costa Rica over the weekend. Published reports said 50-year-old Bruce Steinberg and his wife, 51-year-old Irene Steinberg of Scarsdale along with their teenage sons, Matthew, William and Zachary were killed shortly after takeoff on Sunday afternoon. The cause of the crash is under investigation.

Minimum Wage Gets Boost in 2018

If you’re earning minimum wage in the state of NY you’re going to see an increase this year. Governor Andrew Cuomo discussed the state initiative that bumps minimum hourly wages from $9.70 to $10.40 an hour in the Hudson Valley, and from $10 to $11 an hour on Long Island and in Westchester, and up to $15 an hour in New York City. In a press conference Sunday, Cuomo said minimum wage isn’t just earned by high school kids…40% of people who earn minimum wage are married or have a child…

Audio: Andrew Cuomo

The Hudson Valley is expected see the minimum wage hit $12.50 by 2020.

RBA CEO: NYS Needs to Spend Less

For the head of the Rockland Business Association, the recent panic over the tax bill passed by Congress and signed by the president is evidence that New York State pays too much for too much stuff. Al Samuels told “The Morning Show” last week that New York can, at times, be too generous and needs to cut back on its spending…

Audio: Al Samuels

Samuels urges elected officials at the state level to take a long, hard look at getting spending and taxes under control.

Ramapo: We Need More Revenue from Ballpark in 2018

One of Ramapo’s agenda items for 2018 is to get more revenue out of the ballpark. Director of communications Phil Tisi says the town’s recreation department has relocated there, resulting in some cost savings, plus there are plans to make the ballpark’s lighting system more energy-efficient…

Audio: Phil Tisi              “…upgrading energy.”               :22

Tisi says they are also considering making the field an artificial turf field so that they make more use of the facility.

Rocklanders Line up to Pre-pay Property Taxes

Rocklanders, including Haverstraw and Stony Point residents, lined up to start paying their taxes yesterday. Town supervisors Howard Phillips and Jim Monaghan told The Morning Show yesterday they’ll have late hours today to accommodate the anticipated heavy traffic…

Audio: Howard Phillips

Governor Andrew Cuomo is reportedly considering a legal challenge against the new tax law. He’s said to be targeting deductions that allow high-income taxpayers to benefit from an unlimited deduction.

Snow Closings Updated Regularly

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