Clarkstown Police Hearings Continue this Week

(Audio) Two more days of testimony are expected this month before the case of suspended Clarkstown police chief Michael Sullivan wraps up. Clarkstown Supervisor George Hoehmann expects testimony in the hearings to be held this Wednesday and next Wednesday…

Audio clip: George Hoehmann

Hoehmann expects the hearings to be done and all decisions made by the end of June. Sullivan has denied the charges against him and plans to run against Hoehmann for the supervisor’s job, with the election taking place this November.

Bear Spotted in Ramsey

A bear was spotted early Monday near Grove St. in Ramsey. Police were warning residents to be careful when it comes to wild animals, they urge not to approach bears if you spot any. The bear was reportedly attracted to a property behind the Eric Smith Middle School where several beehives are maintained. reported the bear ate some honey, made a bit of a mess, and left the property.

Ramapo Supervisor Chris St. Lawrence Found Guilty

Ramapo supervisor Chris St. Lawrence was found guilty Friday afternoon of 20 of 22 counts against him. It took the jury about a day-and-a-half of deliberating to come up with the verdict. They agreed with the prosecution’s case that St. Lawrence boosted the town’s finances to get municipal bonds to pay for the baseball park in Pomona. He was found guilty of 11 counts of wire fraud, eight counts of securities fraud, and one count of conspiracy. He was acquitted of one count each of wire fraud and securities fraud. Acting U-S Attorney for the Southern District of New York, Joon Kim, said St. Lawrence, “lied repeatedly to the investing public about the state of Ramapo’s finances.” Outside the courtroom St. Lawrence had no comment, but his attorney did say they would appeal the verdict. He faces sentencing in September. Each count of wire and securities fraud carries a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison. The maximum for the conspiracy count is five years. The sentence will be determined by the judge.

Post-CSL Verdict, Ramapo Deputy Supervisor: “I’m the Supervisor”

The Town of Ramapo immediately made plans to move forward following St. Lawrence’s conviction. Within about an hour, Deputy Supervisor Yitzchok Ullman announced that the felony conviction automatically disqualified St. Lawrence from continuing as Ramapo supervisor, and that he was taking over those duties. In an eight-point plan, Ullman said he would urge the Town Board to abolish the Ramapo Local Development Corporation, amended the Town Code to prevent a Supervisor from also serving as the Director of Finance, and enact a moratorium preventing any new modular structures or trailers to be used as temporary schools, among other initiatives.

County Officials Comment on CSL Guilty Verdict

After the verdict came down, reaction from county officials was swift. County Executive Ed Day released a statement. Day said, “Holding public office is a privilege. Any public official found guilty of breaking the law has violated that sacred public trust.” He called the guilty verdict “a stain on the town and all of Rockland County. We support every effort to restore integrity to Ramapo.”

Deputy Majority Leader of the legislature, Alden Wolfe, also said in a statement that it was his “sincere hope that the town of Ramapo can now begin the difficult task of restoring confidence in its ability to govern. The taxpayers deserve leadership that is honest and that listens to the people, and even more, works to protect the best interests of those they were elected to serve.

Sain Building Rhetoric Ratchets Up

(Audio) The back-and-forth over the Sain Building ratcheted up a notch Friday during the Morning Show between the County Executive and a Ramapo Legislator. Aron Wieder is a member of the Budget & Finance committee that kept the sale of the Sain Building from going to the full legislature for a vote. Wider admits he and the county executive have yet to have even a face-to-face meeting about the issue…

Audio Clip: Aron Wieder

County executive Ed Day said he was at the meeting but he had been double-booked…

Audio Clip: Ed Day

Both said they are eager to meet face-to-face to discuss their differences over the issues. Supporters say the 4-point-5 million dollar sale of the Sain building would provide much-needed revenue to the county and the town of Clarkstown.

5K Memorial Fun Run at Rockland Lake Wednesday

(Audio) Memorial Day is the unofficial kickoff to the summer season, of course, but it’s also the beginning of the one-hundred deadliest days of drinking and driving. That’s according to State Senator David Carlucci, who is hopeful that a 5K memorial Fun Run honoring Larisa Karassik, a Felix Festa Middle School student killed by a drunk driver on May 23rd 2015, drives home the message that drinking and driving needs to be stopped…

Audio clip: David Carlucci

Karassik was a member of Carlucci’s Student Advisory Committee. The Larissa Karassik Foundation 5K Fun Run gets underway this Wednesday at 6 p.m. at Rockland Lake State Park. For more information visit

Report: Former Pearl River Priest Named in Archdiocese Settlement

The New York Times reported a group of men who were sexually abused as children by local Archdiocese of New York priests named their abusers as financial terms of settlements they got from the archdiocese’s sexual abuse survivor compensation fund were released. The group’s attorney said they had each received settlements ranging from $150,000 to $350,000. Among the priests involved, Rev. John O’Keefe, who was the monsignor at St. Margaret’s in Pearl River for 10 years before being removed from the priesthood in December 2015.

Train Fatality in Hartsdale

A man was killed after being struck by a train Sunday afternoon in Hartsdale in an apparent suicide. The person was not identified. The incident is under investigation.

Report: Ramapo Supervisor Chris St. Lawrence Guilty of 20 Counts

Published report says Ramapo Supervisor Chris St. Lawrence has been found guilty of 20 of 22 counts against him. Jury handed down verdict earlier today in U.S. District Court in White Plains. Rockland County Executive Ed Day commented on the verdict: “Holding public office is a privilege. Any public official found guilty of breaking the law has violated that sacred public trust. The conclusion of this jury that the Ramapo Supervisor broke the law is a stain on the town and all of Rockland County. We support every effort to restore integrity to Ramapo.” Sentencing is scheduled for September.



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