Small Aircraft Crashes in Residential Area of Bayonne

On Sunday morning, a small plane crashed into a residential area of Bayonne, New Jersey. The pilot, 56-year-old George Pettway, is still recovering from non-life-threatening injuries, while no other injuries were reported on the ground or in the aircraft. The plane ended up hitting four parked cars and managed to knock out electricity in a four-block area. The pilot told the FAA that the plane was experiencing mechanical issues near the Statue of Liberty and was forced to make a detour away from the landmark when he crashed. (Source: NorthJersey)

East Ramapo Officials Vote to Utilize Metal Detectors for School Events

East Ramapo officials have unanimously voted to approve the use of metal detectors throughout the school district. The screenings will be random and could come before entering a school building, getting off a school bus, or prior to any school event, such as a football game. The idea for metal detectors came after an incident involving a student and a knife last March.    (Source: LoHud)

Rockland School Teacher Charged with Abusing Several Special Needs Students

A Rockland County special needs teacher was arrested last week after she was accused of abusing several special needs kids in her class. 43-year-old Yessenia Vasquez, a teacher at Stony Point Elementary School, is specifically being accused of locking one of her students in a closet as form of time-out punishment back in December. An investigation was triggered after the parents of that student called the hotline after the district transferred Vasquez to another school. Vasquez has been charged with four counts each of endangering the welfare of an incompetent or physically disabled person; she is now been placed on administrative leave.    (Source: ABC News)

Rockland Legislature Votes to Pass the Pharmacy Take-Back Act

The Rockland County Legislature voted 15-0 to pass a new law which is meant to keep unused drugs out of waterways and to prevent drugs from ending up in the hands of young people, and those who want to use them for recreational and illegal purposes. The Pharmacy Take-Back Act will force manufactures and retailers to create and operate a product stewardship program, which will make it easier for customers to return unused drugs from their households. The program will also feature strict background checks for the individuals who handle the collections and will also make retailers display advertisements about the program. Initial plans must be submitted by April 1st; however extensions can be requested.

Rockland Music Conservatory Announces Bluegrass Show for March

The Rockland Music Conservatory has announced that the bluegrass group, Cole Quest and the City Pickers will be performing in Pearl River. Cole Quest, who is the son of folk icon Woody Guthrie, will be bringing his unique group of New York City musicians to perform original tunes and traditional favorites. The concert takes place at 45 South Main Street on Saturday, March 11th. It’s $20 dollars for a general admission’s ticket and people ages 18 and younger can attend for free.


Shuttle Flights from Westchester to Florida a Huge Success

Shuttle flights from Westchester County Airport to Fort Lauderdale, Florida are proving to be a huge success as Hudson Valley residents yearn for warmer weather. The three round-trip shuttles that are scheduled to start Friday are almost already completely booked. The three flights will leave on each of the next three Friday’s at 4 pm, with the return flights on the following Sunday evening. It was also reported that more flights may be added due to the shuttle flight’s popularity.   (Source: LoHud)

Controversial “I Love NY” Highway Signs Cost More Than Expected

It has been reported that the controversial “I Love NY” highway signs that are seen all across the state cost around $8.1 million dollars to print and install. The cost of constructing the 514 signs was originally projected at $1.76 million dollars, but ended up costing around $3.6 million to build and $4.5 million to install. The signs have sparked controversy after the state was warned the signs violate strict federal laws that dictate what can and cannot be displayed on highway signs. The signs are meant to promote New York tourism, but the Federal Highway Administration says the signs are distracting to drivers. (Source: LoHud)

County Executive Announces $200 Thousand dollar Grant for Non-Profits

In an announcement yesterday, Rockland County Executive Ed Day stated that 21 not-for-profit organizations will be receiving a combined total of $200,325 to boost tourism. The County Executive was joined by representatives from the not-for-profits at Nyack’s Edward Hopper House Art Center on North Broadway. The funds awarded to the various organizations will be used to help pay for advertisements in Metro-North trains, as well as, print, radio, and television marketing.  (Source: LoHud)

Rockland Bus Service

Presidents Day 2/20 TOR will operate Saturday service on 59, 91, 92, 93, 94 & Loop
3. Weekday service on Loops 1 & 2. No service 95 & 97.

Showtime Drama “Billions,” to Feature Rockland County

The hit Showtime drama, “Billions,” will be returning for its much anticipated second season this Sunday and will feature many New York area landmarks. The show is filmed all over the area, including scenes shot in all five boroughs, long island, Westchester, and, of course, in Rockland County. So, if you want to see if you can spot a familiar location, the show returns to Showtime this Sunday at 10 pm. (Source: LoHud)


Snow Closings Updated Regularly

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