WRCR Needs Your Support: GoFundMe

WRCR Radio wants to continue serving the community. To do that, we need your help.

In the latter part of 2017, WRCR Radio lost the lease for our transmitter site in Nanuet. This took the station off the air and limited it to Internet-only broadcasting. After a long and painstaking search, we found a suitable tower in Haverstraw. We have an agreement in place with the owner to purchase the property. Now we need the funds to make the down-payment on the property.

Visit our GoFundMe page here.

By contributing to this cause, you support the future of local, community-focused, interactive radio that Rockland County and residents of the surrounding areas (Westchester, Orange and Bergen County, NJ) have known and loved for the past 18 years. Any amount would bring us closer to our goal and get us back on the air by year-end.

Corporate sponsors, if you contribute over $9,999 you will get naming rights for our studio for a year, and your business will be mentioned in every local newscast.

Thank you.

AM1700 Update 8/17/2018: Site Secured; Paperwork and Funding Comes Next

Update: August 17, 2018: So we have a site to move to…now we’re just securing funding to make it happen. We hope to be back on the air quickly once all the paperwork is done. If you (or a company or organization you know) would like to sponsor “The Morning Show with Steve & Jeff” or any of its segments (News, Traffic, Weather, HiTor Pets, lawmaker interviews, etc.) or launch a show of your own, you can help make it all happen. Just send an email to Jeff(at)wrcr.com. Meanwhile, our programming is available on WRCR.com  http://radio.securenetsystems.net/v5/WRCR. We apologize for the inconvenience. Continue to check in on the AM to see if we’re back on the air, or here on our website for updates, or follow us on Twitter or Facebook. Thank you! Stay tuned!

WRCR Moves to New Garnerville Studio

December 13, 2017: We moved into our new second-floor studio space in Garnerville and started broadcasting from there Monday morning!

Our new studio line is: 845-429-1700

We are still progressing with a new tower location and hope to have news about that in the near future. Meanwhile, our programming, including “The Morning Show with Steve & Jeff,” is available on WRCR.com. We apologize for the inconvenience. Continue to check in on the AM to see if we’re back on the air. You can also check here on our website for updates, or follow us on Twitter or Facebook. Thank you!



The following schedule is in effect until further notice: WRCR’s regular programming begins at 1 AM and continues until 1 PM daily, 7 days per week.

Listen to our adult contemporary music with frequent weather, traffic and news updates. Our Morning Drive Show with Steve and Jeff airs from 6 AM to 10 AM daily, Monday through Friday.

Beginning at 1 PM, our regular programming continues on WRCR.com, while our radio transmission on AM-1700, airs ethnic programming furnished by RadioIndiaLTD.com – until 1 AM daily.

WRCR HD Digital Will Be Back Soon!


You won’t believe you are listening to an AM station! Crystal clear FM-quality audio on the AM band! Here’s how to get us on HD: You will need a HD receiver – 30 million are already in use!
Here is a link to an inexpensive but good portable receiver – “Sparc” available at Amazon.com:
http://SPARC HD Radio SHD-TX2 Portable Radio with AM/FM & HD Radio Tuners, Built-in Speaker and Emergency Alerts

Sparc Radio

Try it!



The new WRCR AM-1700 is broadcasting in standard analog AM, combined with the new digital, crystal clear HD Radio, on the same channel, AM-1700.

What does it mean to you? If you listen in HD, it means clear, crisp audio on AM, which sounds better than satellite radio and is close to FM-quality. It also means the same level of sound fidelity at a distance, as you have close to our transmitter in Rockland. It is a robust technology that overcomes interference from power lines and other sources, like cell phones and other electronic equipment.

About HD Radio Receivers

Just like traditional radio, but way better!

It’s time for a smarter radio. HD Radio devices receive a digital signal over traditional radio waves and require no Internet connection or monthly fee. Enjoy HD Radio at home, on the road, and on the go. HD receivers are factory installed with top automakers and available from leading electronics brands.

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