Legalized Marijuana Bill Left for Next NYS Legislature Session

The 2018 New York State Legislative session ended with several bills set aside, possibly for next year. The last day concluded yesterday with no law regarding the legalization of recreational marijuana. That despite the head of the state Health Department declaring earlier this week, after a thorough review of its legal, medical and social implications, that he recommends legalization. Rockland County Sheriff Lou Falco says the state would be better off not legalizing pot, or even decriminalizing it as NY City’s mayor wants to do…

Audio: Lou Falco

Falco considers marijuana a gateway to other more dangerous drugs. Supporters argue legalization would make it safer and provide a much-needed revenue infusion.

NYS Legislature Session Ends with No Sports Gambling Bill

Another bill that was closely watched was the sports gambling bill, now that it’s been made legal by the Supreme Court. New Jersey and Delaware already have sports gambling available in several locations in those states. Rockland District Attorney Tom Zugibie is concerned legalized sports gambling would lead to addiction…

Audio: Tom Zugibie

Assemblyman Ken Zebrowski says he sees both sides of the issue…

Audio: Ken Zebrowski

The governor has not publicly embraced the idea of sports gambling in the state to this point.

Former Westchester Fire Chief Charged with Stealing from Department

The former chief of a Westchester fire department is accused of stealing more than $300,000 from the department. Gerry Munson of the Croton-on-Hudson fire department is charged with altering bank records, providing false bank statements and using the department’s debit card for himself. He faces up to 25 years in state prison if convicted.

Orangetown Looks for Ways to Cut Costs in Police Department

While the Orangetown Police department isn’t looking to combine with or absorb other departments, they are searching for ways to cut costs through procurement practices. Orangetown Supervisor Chris Day told “The Morning Show” yesterday for things like uniforms and body armor, it makes sense…

Audio: Chris Day

The Spring Valley Police Department could be folded into the Ramapo and Clarkstown Police departments to help save money. The three departments are researching that possibility or sharing services. The discussion began when officials sought to take advantage of the state’s shared services initiative launched last year.

Report: New Complaint Filed Stemming from Federal Case Involving Hector May

The national brokerage house that was represented by a well-known Rockland financial investor and philanthropist currently under a federal investigation is also now under the microscope. The Journal News reported a complaint has been filed against Securities America on behalf of several of Hector May’s clients. The complaint claims May wasn’t properly supervised while handling their investments. The federal investigation was opened in March, and at that time, Rockland Business Association CEO Al Samuels, a close associate and friend of May’s, emphasized no charges have been filed against the Orangeburg resident who’s been a friend to many in the county for decades…

Audio: Al Samuels

Securities America discontinued its relationship with May when the federal investigations became publicized.

East Ramapo School Budget Fails Again

The East Ramapo school budget has again been rejected following Tuesday’s re-vote. Unofficial results posted on the district’s website showed the “no” votes topping the “yes” votes 31-hundred to 25-hundred, a difference of about 600. $4.3 million must be cut, and that means athletics, extracurricular activities and staff could fall victim to the contingency budget. The $237 million budget was first rejected last month.

Rockland Police Departments Study Ways to Save Money

The Spring Valley police department could be folded into the Ramapo and Clarkstown Police departments to help save money. reports the three departments are considering merging or sharing police services. The discussion began when officials sought to take advantage of the state’s shared services initiative launched last year.

Rockland DA: Legal Medical Marijuana Paves Way for Recreational Usage

New York could be the next state to legalize recreational marijuana, and at least one area official isn’t happy about that. District Attorney Tom Zugibie was our in-studio guest on “The Morning Show” yesterday and called the strategy of legalizing marijuana for medicinal use a ruse to gain acceptance for recreational marijuana…

Audio: Tom Zugibie

Zugibie said states that have legalized marijuana are seeing more highway deaths as a result. He said there is no test, similar to a Breathalyzer which measures alcohol in a person’s system, that would quantify how much pot people smoked and how high they are.

Palisades Center Lawsuit Against Clarkstown Dismissed

A $50 million lawsuit filed against the Town of Clarkstown by the owners of Palisades Center has been dismissed. The mall wanted to expand its fourth floor despite agreeing in the 1990s that expansion had to come through a public referendum. The company claimed the agreement was restrictive and infringed on the company’s constitutional rights.

“Harper’s Law” Passes Assembly; Aims to Make Home Furniture Safer

A bill that would make furniture in the home safer has passed the state Assembly. “Harper’s Law” is named for the granddaughter of Sandy Fried of the Tire Warehouse in Spring Valley. Harper was killed in November 2016 when she was just three years old, after a dresser toppled onto her while she played in her room…

Audio: Sandy Fried

Assemblyman Ken Zebrowski sponsored the bill, and says it would require retailers that sell kids’ furniture to also offer safety equipment to prevent the furniture from tipping over…

Audio: Ken Zebrowski

Zebrowski hopes the Senate passes it next and then the governor signs the bill into law.

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