Area Democrats and Republicans Trade Barbs Over Governor, Local Reps

While the GOP calls for action on the governor and North Rockland and Orange County State Senator James Skoufis, a Democrat, area Democratic party leaders are pounding away at Stony Point and Orange County assemblyman Colin Schmitt, a Republican, calling for his resignation. In a joint statement yesterday, Democratic Party committees of Rockland, Ulster and Orange Counties said while their Republican counterparts “shamelessly politicize the deaths of our fellow New Yorkers” they looked the other way when Assemblyman Schmitt “literally boarded a January sixth bus of DC-bound seditionists to root on their efforts to overturn an election.” At the time of the January sixth attack on the Capitol, Assemblyman Schmitt said he was “disturbed by the assault” and said there was “no justification” for the violence. He also defended boarding the bus that morning that was heading to D.C., noting they were members of the group “Orange County Right to Life,” which he described as “a peaceful and faith-based organization.” Yesterday on “The Morning Show,” Schmitt insisted Senator Skoufis is the one who needs to resign…

New York governor Andrew Cuomo said “there’s nothing to investigate” over that conference call with Democratic lawmakers last week, including senator Skoufis, during which the governor’s Secretary admitted under-reporting the number of deaths in the state’s nursing homes. Senator Skoufis could not be reached for comment.

COVID-19 by the numbers now, here in Rockland, we lost seven more to COVID since the numbers were last reported on Friday, the total is 865. We’ve got 54 hospitalized confirmed with coronavirus, and 1,610 active cases. Our total case count is 36,954, that’s 707 more than last Friday.

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