Rockland CE: Highway Workers Deserve COVID Vaccine

After nearly two feet of snow practically paralyzed the county since Sunday night, the roads that were once impassible were pretty passable by yesterday morning, and there was only a handful of power outages scattered across the O&R coverage area. Rockland County Executive Ed Day says highway workers worked really hard during the storm, and they all deserve to be eligible for the COVID vaccines, even though they aren’t yet…

Clarkstown supervisor George Hoehmann says his highway department was working in 16-hour shifts to battle the storm…

Don’t put away the shovels and snow blowers just yet. There’s more snow in the forecast coming this weekend, and Punxsutawney Phil predicted another six weeks of winter yesterday when he saw his shadow.

We’re also getting reports of a house fire in New City on Strawtown Road near Dore Court. We’re trying to get details, but just a reminder, if you have any fire hydrants near you please make sure they are dug out and visible. Clear about 3 feet around the hydrant if you can.

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