Rockland Declined Direct Access to Pfizer Vaccines, County Loses Seven More to COVID

Don’t feel too bad for the governor, whose letter to Pfizer asking for a direct connection to purchase vaccines was rejected by the company. He’s in good company, the county executive was also shot down. In his own letter to the Pearl River-based company, Ed Day thanked Pfizer for helping bring the pandemic to an end, and he noted that many of the company’s employees are Rockland residents…

The county health department got just over 2-thousand doses of COVID vaccine yesterday, but all were accounted for in just about a half-hour. And while we still don’t have a central location for vaccine distribution in Rockland County, governor Andrew Cuomo said in his press conference yesterday that the state has 12-hundred distribution sites across the state…

Cuomo added he expects to see more product coming from Moderna and Pfizer in the coming months, and possibly new vaccines from Johnson and Johnson and AstraZeneca.

COVID-19 by the numbers now, here in Rockland, we lost seven more to COVID, the total is 817, and we reportedly have the second highest fatality rate per capita in the state. We’ve got 92 hospitalized confirmed with coronavirus, and 2,477 active cases. Our total case count is 32,137, that’s 253 more than Wednesday.

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