Rockland CE: Uptick in COVID Cases Contained, Education Efforts Underway

The increase in some areas of COVID cases are contained and do not constitute a spike or require a county-wide lock-down. That’s according to the county executive, who says an uptick in the number of infections in two zip codes is being addressed with increased awareness and education efforts to help contain and minimize the spread. But County Executive Ed Day says if you do see infractions of social distancing protocols that concern you, if possible, one of the things you can do is call the local police, or the state…

The number again is 833-789-0470. Meanwhile, it appears more states around the nation aren’t doing well with their COVID numbers. Five more states have been added to New York State’s COVID-19 travel advisory. They are Arizona, Minnesota, Nevada, Rhode Island, and Wyoming. None was removed. There are only 17 states NOT on the list.

COVID-19 by the numbers now, here in Rockland, we’ve got two in the hospital being examined, another five have been confirmed with coronavirus, and a total of 382 active cases. The state says since the crisis began, we’ve had a total of 14,891 reported cases, 58 more than yesterday, and the Rockland Health Department says we still have 675 total fatalities.

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