Rockland Reports no New COVID-19 Deaths for More Than Four Weeks

New York’s governor slammed the CDC’s decision to change their stance on whom should get tested for COVID-19. The CDC now says if you’ve been in close contact with a person who was infected with COVID, you don’t need to get a test. That’s a reversal of their previous position, and the Andrew Cuomo called that switch “frightening and alarming” and the politicization of public health and national security.

The Department of Justice said yesterday they’re looking for data from four states, including New York, regarding deaths at nursing homes. The DOJ said the data would be used to determine whether an investigation is necessary. The other three states include New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Michigan.

COVID-19 by the numbers now, here in Rockland, we’ve got four in the hospital being examined, another four have been confirmed with coronavirus. The state says we’ve got 14,161 reported cases, 12 more than yesterday, and the Rockland Health Department confirms 674 fatalities here in the county, no change since Tuesday four weeks ago.

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