COVID-19 Prompts Unique Trash Issues

One of the residual effects of the COVID-19 pandemic is added trash that usually isn’t scattered about – masks and gloves thrown on the ground instead of being disposed of properly. Mike Wilson hosts the Cornell Cooperative Extension of Rockland “Storm Water Consortium” show here on WRCR, and laments between the discarded PPE and takeout containers, area waterways have suffered…

The Environmental Protection Agency also encourages Americans to properly dispose of personal protective equipment.

COVID-19 by the numbers now, in Rockland, we’ve got six in the hospital being checked out, another four have been confirmed with coronavirus. The state says we’ve got 13,903 reported cases, ten more than yesterday, and the Rockland Health Department COVID dashboard says we’ve got 867 fatalities here in the county but that is a mistake, the death count is still at 674, no change since last Tuesday. The county is working to get that fixed.

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