Governor Explains Rationale for Regulations Requiring Food be Served with Alcohol

The governor went down to Georgia yesterday, he was looking for some souls to heal. But before he departed JFK for Savannah, New York governor Andrew Cuomo put young people, and restaurants, and local officials on notice: the social distancing laws must be enforced and respected so we can all be healthy…

Last week the governor said restaurants are not permitted to serve just alcohol, they have to also serve food. The theory goes that if people sit down and have a meal with their alcohol, they’re more likely to be responsible and obey social distancing and mask regulations, and less likely to break open container laws.

COVID-19 by the numbers now, in Rockland, we’ve got 7 in the hospital being checked out, another 4 have been confirmed with coronavirus. The state says we’ve got 13,798 reported cases, 23 more than yesterday, and the Rockland Health Department confirms 672 fatalities here in the county, no increase since yesterday.

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