NY Governor Launches “Three Strikes and You’re Closed” for Bars and Restaurants that Break Social Distance Rules

New York’s governor yesterday launched the “Three Strikes and You’re Closed” initiative, to ensure bars and restaurants in New York City comply with social distancing and face-covering orders. In a telephone conference call yesterday, governor Andrew Cuomo said if you’re going to go out to drink anywhere in the state, you also better be hungry…

Any establishment charged by the State Liquor Authority will have their name and location posted publicly and updated on a weekly basis. They also face the loss of their liquor license or being shut down completely.

COVID-19 by the numbers now, in Rockland, we’ve got two in the hospital being checked out, another five have been confirmed with coronavirus. The state says we’ve got 13,763 reported cases, 20 more than yesterday, and the Rockland Health Department confirms 671 fatalities here in the county.

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