Regions of NY Expected to Start Re-opening Process May 15th; Rockland Health Department Offers Letters for Those Who Have Recovered

Come May 15th, if the data holds up, regions of the state will be able to start opening up again. Whether a region can do that will be based on the number of new infections, the region’s capacity for health care, diagnostic testing and contact tracing. In his daily coronavirus press briefing yesterday, New York governor Andrew Cuomo said businesses that could open first are the ones that are most essential and pose the lowest risk…

If you’ve been infected, served your quarantine time and now are clear of coronavirus, and you need a note so you can go back to work or school or wherever, you can get one from the county health department. First you’d need to fill out a questionnaire on the county website. Rockland County Executive Ed Day says the numbers here in the county are trending in the right direction, but we have to take it slow…

Now if you need that note from the county health department, click here.

COVID-19 by the numbers, the state now has confirmed around 319,000 total cases of coronavirus across the state and more than 19,000 deaths. In Rockland, the state says we’ve got over 12,000 reported cases, and the Rockland Health Department confirms 536 deaths here in the county.

Snow Closings Updated Regularly

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