Gov & CE: We Need to Get Better at Social Distancing

The governor has come out swinging, slamming people who continue to congregate in large groups. In the city, the governor has ordered all playgrounds to be closed after people were routinely found to be ignoring requests to be socially distant from each other. While governor Andrew Cuomo is hesitant to make social distancing a law, he said during yesterday’s daily briefing that those guidelines must be enforced if people aren’t going to do it themselves…

In a statement, Rockland County Executive Ed Day said he is “fed up” with seeing people all across Rockland violate the state’s common-sense social distancing guidelines. With Easter and Passover coming soon, Day says this year needs to be different. He urges everyone to heed the advice of health officials and stay home to curb the spread of the virus. Day said being unable to get together with family for the holidays may seem like the worst thing imaginable, but it may be the only way to save the life of a loved one. He’s also asking the governor to more specifically explain what constitutes a gathering that is essential or not permissible, and for local police to be able to break up violations. Day has been at odds with Ramapo police and the town over the handling of a recent wedding, two schools that were allegedly still operating, and a funeral earlier this week. Meanwhile, the number of reported cases of coronavirus in the county has climbed to more than 33-hundred according to the state, though the Rockland Health Department says the confirmed number of cases is about half that. The number of deaths now stands at 29.

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