Delays in Reporting Nyack Swastika Could Make it Harder to Find Perpetrator

Delays in reporting a crudely-carved swastika on a men’s room wall at the Nyack Starbucks could prevent the perpetrator from being discovered. Rockland Sheriff Lou Falco says an extended amount of time passed before the incident was reported, and in that time valuable data could have been lost. While he’s a big fan of the New York State Police, Falco says getting them involved as the governor promised, is probably not necessary…

The Starbucks incident comes after a video with what many feel was anti-semitic imagery was posted on and then removed from the Rockland GOP’s Facebook page. Since then, Clarkstown police have been investigating bags containing dog feces, rusty nails possibly representing the crucifixion of Jesus, and fliers calling legislator Laurie Santulli a Nazi were found on her and her neighbors’ lawns.

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