Rockland’s Director of Fire and Emergency Services Settling into New Role

Now that Hillcrest’s former Fire Chief has taken over as the head of Rockland’s fire and emergency services it’s only fitting that he took over as the host of WRCR’s “Who Wants to be a Volunteer” program, heard here on Fridays at nine following the news. Chris Kear made his debut on Friday’s edition of the show, and said he’s been settling in to his new role, and he has lots to learn…

Kear served as Chief of Hillcrest Fire Company #1 from April 2007 thru April 2009. He was the Director of the Rockland County Fire Chiefs Association from March 2011 thru March 2015 and he has served as a Deputy Fire Coordinator for Rockland County Fire and Emergency Services since September 2013. Former Director Gordon Wren retired last year.

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