NYS GOP Wants Lower Property Taxes, Increased STAR Rebate and Tax Freeze for Seniors

Just because the Democrats have majorities in both houses of the state legislature doesn’t mean the minority is sitting still. GOP Members of the Assembly pushed Tuesday at a press conference in Albany for passage of an eight-bill legislative package designed to lower property taxes in New York State.Among the proposals in the package introduced by North Rockland Assemblyman Colin Schmitt are bills to make the property tax cap permanent, increase the STAR rebate and create a property tax freeze for seniors…

The GOP is also looking for a 3/5ths super-majority to be required for the State legislature to enact new taxes to be passed by the State Legislature and a state takeover of Medicaid. In Schmitt’s district of 44% of Rockland County’s property taxes and 58% of Orange County’s property taxes are spent on Medicaid costs alone. On Wednesday, the Governor also announced he wants to see the tax cap made permanent. The legislature also passed the Reproductive Health Act late Tuesday and the Governor signed it into law. The controversial legislation protects and expands abortion rights.

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