Speakers Criticize Inclusion of Retirees’ Healthcare in Shared Services Initiative Draft Proposal

The first of three public hearings on the Shared Services Initiative was held last night in Blauvelt. The draft proposal includes ideas such as the sharing of purchasing of computers, or smaller towns utilizing larger towns’ highway department equipment. 16 of the 17 speakers were concerned about the possibility that county retirees could find themselves with different health care coverage…

Audio: Three speakers

Another speaker suggested, in support of the county retirees, “There are other people to pick on.” The one speaker who addressed a different topic suggested merging town police forces and the sheriff’s department. Rockland County Executive Ed Day reminded the audience that the county must submit a plan, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to happen. The next hearings will be held on the 21st in Stony Point and September 5th in Suffern.

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