Legislators Battle over Memorializing Resolution in Support of Education; Accusations of Anti-Semitism Lobbed in to Debate

A memorializing resolution that a Rockland County legislative committee voted down is at the center of a battle between two legislators, with suggestions of anti-semitism behind it all. On Tuesday night, the Legislature’s Multi-services Committee defeated a measure that would have given support to a state bill that would ensure substantially equivalent standards are being met in private schools. Legislator Lon Hofstein told “The Morning Show” yesterday the Senate bill would provide oversight and enforcement, and the legislators who voted the resolution down object to having the state interfere with private schools…

Audio: Lon Hofstein

One of the legislators who voted the resolution down was Legislator Aron Weider. He took issue with Legislator Laurie Santulli who, after the vote was defeated, took to Facebook to denounce opponents as “religious zealots.” She also objected to being called “anti-semitic.” In a press release, Weider objected to Santulli calling him a religious zealot just because, as an observant Jew, he holds a different point of view, and suggested “she has joined other notorious haters of religious Jews in Rockland County.” Legislator Santulli tells WRCR News that she is appalled Weider would align her with “Jew-Haters”…

Audio: Laurie Santulli

We reached out to Legislator Weider but did not hear back from him.

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