Gridlock in State Senate Complicating Things in Albany

It might be tough getting stuff done for the next few weeks in Albany. With one Republican State Senator returning to active duty in the Navy, and the Brooklyn Democrat who threatened to hold up the budget’s passage earlier this year conferencing with the Republicans, the house is deadlocked at 31-31. That means votes on Democratic amendments to bills are likely to end in a tie. They could, then, go to the Lieutenant Governor, a Democrat, to break the tie. Rockland Assemblyman Ken Zebrowski says the numbers game complicates things for everyone…

Audio: Ken Zebrowski

There’s a bill on zoning issues Zebrowski has in the Assembly’s Ways and Means committee that he’d like to get moved out for a vote. Another bill, inspired by the case of a Suffern podiatrist convicted in a murder-for-hire plot to kill his wife, would make “conspiracy to commit murder” a violent felony.

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