Historic House Owned by Ramapo Falling into Disrepair

The town of Ramapo owns a house…a historic house…off South Mountain Road in New City of all places, but it doesn’t have the money currently to maintain it, and it’s falling apart. Clare Sheridan of the Historical Society of Rockland County worries that the home of Henry Varnum Poor, an artist and sculptor who died in 1970, will not survive if it continues to be ignored…

Audio: Clare Sheridan

The house was bought by the town’s previous administration with the goal of it becoming an artists’ community with other homes in the area on the border of Ramapo. Supervisor Michael Specht agrees the home is important and worth saving, but right now the money just isn’t there…

Audio: Michael Specht

Sheridan said a committee that helps advise the town on similar maters has been inactive thus far this year. Sheridan hopes to get those meetings up and running again so they can figure out what to do going forward.

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