Jawonio Looks To Raise Funds for Campus Revitalization Project; Historical Society Documents Jawonio’s First 70 Years

The Historical Society of Rockland County has a new exhibit that focuses on the history of Jawonio, which 70 years ago was first known as the “Rockland County Center for the Physically Handicapped & United Cerebral Palsy.” Clare Sheridan of the Historical Society hosts “Crossroads of Rockland” right here on WRCR, and says the “Jawonio: Moving Forward, Looking Back” exhibit runs through October…

Audio: Clare Sheridan

Jawonio helps people of all ages with special needs reach their potential and achieve independence. Diana Hess is Jawonio’s chief development officer, and she says they’re currently undergoing a $10 million fundraising effort to help finance a revitalization project on its New City campus…

Audio: Diana Hess

You can see the exhibit at the Historical Society in New City. And for more information about Jawonio’s fundraising efforts, visit Jawonio.org. And if you’d like to learn more by listening to the entire “Crossroads of Rockland” program, click here.

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