County Executive Slams Clarkstown Legislator for Sain Building Stance

After more than two years of arguing back-and-forth without ever coming to a vote, the future of the Sain Building is no closer to being resolved. Last week Clarkstown legislator Harriet Cornell surprised many by saying the matter needs to undergo a full study before she could commit either way to selling or holding onto the property in New City. County Executive Ed Day told “The Morning Show” Friday that her argument that the property should remain part of the County Seat “went out the window” six years ago…

Audio: Ed Day

Rockland Business Association CEO Al Samuels said he wasn’t buying Cornell’s argument for fiscal responsibility…

Audio: Al Samuels

The County Executive and Clarkstown supervisor George Hoehmann have been urging lawmakers to approve the sale of the building to the single interested party for 4.5 million dollars so Clarkstown can benefit from the added tax revenue.

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