Ramapo PD To Meet with Central Hudson PTA After Saturday Dust-up in Mahwah

And after all the work the Ramapo police put in during the storms you’d think the chief and one of his lieutenants would deserve a nice breakfast at the Mahwah Sheraton while attending an education breakfast where the topic was school safety, right? Well, if you answered “Sure!” you would be wrong. Ramapo’s Police Chief and the head of the Central Hudson PTA reportedly plan to meet today after a dust-up Saturday. Chief Brad Weidel paid $50 to attend the PTA’s “Legislation Education Breakfast.” Upon checking in, the chief and a Lieutenant were told they had to disarm, because “armed uniformed police officers would make people uncomfortable.” They declined and asked for their money back. They were then told they could attend but would not be allowed to speak, or get their money back. They left and posted about the incident on Facebook where it went viral. The next morning the state PTA apologized. We reached out to the Central Hudson Region PTA but have not received any comment from them, though in a Facebook post yesterday they indicated the incident does not represent CHR or any PTA’s position towards our local police departments” and they would return Ramapo’s money to them during the meeting today.

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