Rockland Lawmakers Urge Proper Disposal of Medication

Rockland lawmakers want to make sure residents are disposing of prescription drugs properly, as improper disposal could harm the environment or they could even fall into the wrong hands. Legislature Minority leader Lon Hofstein worries about what kids do with adults’ old pills…

Audio: Lon Hofstein

In addition to local pharmacies Hofstein says drugs can be taken to police departments, but he understands some people are reluctant to do that, and seniors, who are often reliant on public transportation, can more easily get to a pharmacy. Rockland County Solid Waste Management Authority chairman Howard Phillips says there are ten days during the year when residents can also bring drugs and medications to the Fire Training Center in Pomona…

Audio: Howard Phillips

The first medication disposal event at the Fire Training Center will be on March tenth. Rockland County passed a law last year requiring pharmacies to take back unused prescription medication, though the CEO of the Rockland Business Association notes the law has not yet been implemented and calls it punitive to the business community.

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