Orangetown Moves to Regulate Postings on Utility Poles

The town of Orangetown is looking to make putting permanent objects on a utility pole, subject to a permitting process. It’s not meant to prevent people from putting “lost dog” or “yard sale” posters up on a temporary basis, but rather deal with things such as security cameras or eruvs, which were at the center of legal battles in nearby Mahwah New Jersey. Orangetown supervisor Chris Day wants to take the decision-making process out of the utility’s hands and make the requests go through the town building department, to be sure whatever is on the poles is safe…

Audio: Chris Day

The Mahwah plan targeted eruvs put on the poles, with permission from the utility company. Eruvs serve as a visual boundary for Orthodox and Hasidic Jews observing the Sabbath. The plan was targeted by the Bergen County prosecutor and New Jersey State Attorney General, and the plans were ultimately rescinded. A spokesman for O&R could not comment as he had yet to see a copy of the bill.

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