Battle Forming over Rockland Retirees’ Healthcare

The County Executive’s quest to keep costs down by changing county retirees’ health plans has erupted into a battle with the legislature, which wants some time to examine the deal. The change to the new health care plan has been moved out two months, from April first to June first. The deadline for withdrawing from the current insurance plan has also been extended to February 28th. County Executive Ed Day’s planned move from United Healthcare to Aetna Medicare Advantage came under fire from seniors and legislators who feel they weren’t given enough notice. Legislator Aron Wieder told “The Morning Show” yesterday that attempts by the legislature to work with the county executive have resulted in what he called “the same old shenanigans”…

Audio: Aron Wieder

In a statement, Day said, quote, “the legislature caught us by surprise as for the first time in over 15 years they have shown interest in insurance policies.” He said he looks forward to seeing what they come up with, claiming the new plan provides better coverage for retirees at lower costs.

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