Orangetown Drinking & Driving Suspect Tied to Incident at JFK

Remember yesterday we told you Orangetown police arrested a guy over the weekend after he was allegedly found drunk and passed out in the middle of an Orangeburg intersection while at the wheel of his idling car? 29-year-old New York City resident Felix Urgiles was arrested and released on bail. Well, that apparently may have been the least of his problems. Turns out earlier in the evening, a driver nearly ran down a police officer at JFK Airport. Three Port Authority police officers approached his stopped car on the Terminal 8 roadway Saturday evening when he sped off, resulting in one of the officers being injured. That incident sparked a manhunt that ended early Wednesday morning with Urgiles’ peaceful arrest after police found him hiding in a closet in New Milford in Bergen County. He’d already been a suspect in New Milford for reportedly smashing another motorist’s car window with a baseball bat in a road rage incident last year. Charges in the case are pending.

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