Rockland Marks 100th Anniversary of Women’s Right to Vote in NY

The 100th anniversary of women’s suffrage in New York State is being commemorated here in Rockland on Sunday. Clare Sheridan of the Rockland County Historical Society says a march will celebrate the landmark 1917 event…

Audio clip: Clare Sheridan

That was in 1920, and Rockland’s League of Women Voters president Linda Berns says it’s astounding that men were voting in the 1790s and women had to wait over 120 years…

Audio clip: Linda Berns

The March and Rally event is being held Sunday from noon-4. The march begins in the parking lot behind the Sain Building and ends at the old Rockland County Courthouse for presentations at 1. Everyone’s encouraged to dress in period attire, or all in white, and then to head to the Historical Society for a closing reception and special exhibit presentation, “Rockland Voices: Voting Rights for Women.” If you would like to attend it’s free, but an RSVP is requested, and you can do that at

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