Credit Agencies Avoid State Senate Hearing Following Equifax Data Breach

State Senator David Carlucci hosted a public hearing in Albany yesterday on the massive Equifax data breach that affected the personal information of 143 million people. Maria Vullo, the Superintendent of the State Department of Financial Services said some consumers may opt for a credit freeze, and some may not, but for those that do, she recommended not doing it electronically…

Audio clip: Maria Vullo

Clark Russell is with Internet Division of the New York State Attorney General’s office. He said the breach affected more than 8 million New Yorkers, and while the Equifax situation is unprecedented, it is the beginning of a trend he said has been brewing for years…

Audio clip: Clark Russell

Carlucci hopes to pass two bills that would require companies to notify consumers of a data breach within 48 hours, and allow all New Yorkers to freeze and unfreeze their credit at any time, for free. Equifax and two other credit agencies were invited to attend the hearing but Carlucci said they chose not to attend. The company’s CEO and chairman Richard Smith abruptly retired Tuesday.

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