Rockland Officials Use Public Nuisance Law to Target Drugs, Prostitution, other Crimes

Rockland’s District Attorney and County Attorney have teamed up to use the Public Nuisance law to target drugs, prostitution and other crimes. The latest location to fall into their sights was the Nyack Motor Lodge on Route 303 near Palisades Center. County Attorney Thomas Humbach said civil cases against the Nyack Motor Lodge, massage parlors and other locations are built by using a once infrequently-used Public Nuisance Law to either close places down or fine the owners $1,000 a day….

Audio clip: Thomas Humbach

D-A Tom Zugibe said the days are numbered for establishments that put profits over public safety….

Audio clip: Tom Zugibe

Zugibie says while the action against the Nyack Motor Lodge was recently put into motion in court papers that were just filed, the goal is not necessarily to close them down, but to have the illegal activities there stopped.

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