Novartis Site in Ramapo Sold / Town Still Wants More Ballpark Tax $

Though the Boulders’ season is over, the Town of Ramapo is still hoping to convince county officials to give up a greater share of tax revenue from the ballpark to its host town. Ramapo’s Communications Director Phil Tisi told The Morning Show last week the supervisor feels Ramapo deserves more since the stadium is one of the few places that draws people from outside the county along with their wallets…

Audio clip: Phil Tisi

Supervisor Yitzchok Ullman recently sent out a press release demanding the county share a greater portion of the estimated $250,000 in county sales taxes generated at the ball park. Meanwhile the location Ullman had pitched to retail giant Amazon for their new headquarters has been sold. reported Novartis sold the 162-acre campus for $18 million to a buyer that flipped it for $12 million profit. No word on what the new owner, Suffern Partners LLC, is going to do with the property.

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