TZB: Top Toll Evader on Old Bridge; Traffic Flow Changes in a Few Weeks (audio)

Local officials are determined to keep the bridge an affordable passage over the Hudson. As prices are being held steady til 2020, State Senator David Carlucci says technology is being employed at the new bridge to ensure toll evaders don’t send prices higher for others who follow the rules, unlike the old bridge’s worst toll offender…

Audio clip: David Carlucci

While only Rockland-bound traffic is on the bridge right now, Assemblyman Ken Zebrowski says in a few weeks, traffic on the open portion of the new span will be heading in both directions…

Audio clip: Ken Zebrowski

Carlucci, meanwhile, says the big project to tackle once the bridge is fully open, is to bring a rail system that connects Rockland to Westchester onto the bridge, which he expects would transform the region’s economy.

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