Briarcliff Manor Resident is Westchester’s 1st Human Case of West Nile Virus (audio)

A 63-year-old Briarcliff Manor resident has become Westchester County’s first human case of West Nile Virus this year. The victim had been hospitalized but is now recovering at home. The Westchester County Department of Health had found signs of mosquito breeding activity around the resident’s home and removed them. Pete Deluccia of the Westchester Department of Health said everyone can help keep the mosquito population under control…

Audio clip: Pete Deluccia

The Health Department suggests removing anything from around your home and neighborhood that might hold standing water. For example: old tires, buckets and wheelbarrows. After it rains, water tends to gather in outdoor trash containers and recycling containers that are left outdoors, also birdbaths, plant pots and drip trays, which should be emptied at least twice a week. You should also clean and chlorinate swimming pools, outdoor saunas and hot tubs, keep them empty and covered when not in-use and drain the water that collects on pool covers.

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