Ramapo Supervisor Demands County Share Tax Revenue from Pomona Stadium

Ramapo’s Supervisor is demanding the county share sales tax revenue from Palisades Credit Union Park in Pomona with the Town of Ramapo. In a press release on Friday, Supervisor Yitzchok Ullman asked county executive Ed Day to share “some portion” of the $250,000 in county sales tax generated at the ballpark supported by Ramapo taxpayers. County Executive Ed Day took exception to the uncommon practice of being demanded revenue via press release, and said Ramapo already gets a larger share than other towns…

Audio clip: Ed Day

Ramapo Councilman Pat Withers said the Supervisor should have reached out and communicated directly with the county executive before DEMANDING he take action on the town’s self-imposed problem…

Audio clip: Pat Withers

Day also noted that legislators from Ullman’s town, collectively referred to by Day as “The Ramapo Five,” are blocking the sale of the Sain Building, which, he added could nearly eliminate the deficit.

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