Have You Heard? There’s a Total Solar Eclipse Today (audio)

Today’s the day of the total solar eclipse. Everyone in North America, it seems, will stop what they’re doing between 1:23 and 4pm to experience this sometimes-in-a-lifetime event. Bergen County amateur astronomer Maja Britton says our area won’t quite be in the direct path of the total eclipse, but we will be able to experience it, as if a storm is moving through…

Audio clip: Maja Britton

The eclipse will be at maximum coverage at 2:44pm. Experts caution you not to look at the sun directly. You can attend some viewing parties at area libraries, including Haverstraw Kings Daughters, New City, Pearl River, and Tomkins Cove, where there will be safe viewing options. You can also view it safely on the Weather Channel on TV or NASA’s website, just go to www.nasa.gov/eclipselive. There’s been some debate about whether pets will be lured into staring at the sun and going blind as a result…but if you’re concerned, the best bet is to keep them indoors.

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