Rockland County to Sue Opioid Manufacturers

Rockland County is taking legal action against pharmaceutical companies that made and sold prescription opioids and who officials say are responsible for the growing opioid epidemic. The announcement was made at the County Executive’s office yesterday. There have been 40 drug-related deaths in Rockland County, with 37 of those being opioid related, and 15 opioid-related deaths already this year. The County’s Mental Health commissioner Michael Leitzes said opioids have become a financial burden on taxpayers due to all the mental and physical health programs that are needed to combat the epidemic…

Audio clip: Michael Leitzes

County Executive Ed Day said the main reason for the epidemic is the misuse of prescription pain medications. Day is confident that Rockland County will present a compelling case to be successful in this litigation…

Audio clip: Ed Day

In addition to the legal fight, the county also offers free training programs to teach people how to use Narcan in cases of emergency. At the same time, law enforcement continues to fight the sale and use of opioids and other drugs.

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