Orangetown Expresses Concern over Waste Facility Planned for Stony Point

A waste management company looking to make its roots in Stony Point has Orangetown’s supervisor concerned about the potential for increased truck traffic on Route 9W in his area. “New Planet Energy” is planning to build and operate a “waste-to-fuels” facility on Holt Drive in Stony Point. Orangetown supervisor Andy Stewart says the project needs to be scrutinized very closely, not just by Stony Point but by neighboring towns as well…

Audio clip: Andy Stewart

Previously on The Morning Show, Stony Point supervisor Jim Monaghan said the project was still going through a review by the DEC and the company’s conducting the largest traffic study he’s ever seen…

Audio clip: Jim Monaghan

Monaghan said the plant would provide a huge tax ratable for the town, likely giving it enough to build a new library and provide full day kindergarten for every student in North Rockland.

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