RBA Luncheon to Tackle Opioid Crisis

For the last 50 years, the Rockland Business Association has been working
to support business in the county and help improve conditions for all
Rocklanders. This week the RBA is doing something a little different with
its monthly luncheon…instead of focusing on a specific business leader or
corporate entity, the topic of Thursday’s event will focus on the opioid
epidemic. RBA CEO Al Samuels was on The Morning Show last week, and said
he wants to hear from RBA members and non-members what they feel the group
can do, if anything, to help those on the front lines of this drug war…

Audio clip: Al Samuels

The luncheon is being held next Thursday July 20th at the Pearl River
Hilton. For more information and to register, visit RocklandBusiness.org.

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