Clarkstown Supervisor May Help Decide Fate of Suspended Police Chief

Clarkstown’s Supervisor hasn’t decided yet whether he will or will not be participating with the rest of the town board when it comes to deciding the fate of suspended police Chief Michael Sullivan. George Hoehmann was the one to bring departmental charges against Chief Sullivan had reportedly considered sitting out the punishment process when it comes to that, but yesterday on the Morning Show Hoehmann said he might take part in the sentencing phase after all…

Audio clip: George Hoehmann

The town board will eventually vote on the recommendations from the hearing officer who is overseeing the hearings. Hoehmann expects the results of the second set of hearings in the next few weeks. Chief Michael Sullivan faces about two dozen charges, ranging from insubordination to improper surveillance operations. Sullivan has called the charges part of a witch-hunt orchestrated by the supervisor, launched his own campaign for the supervisor’s job, and denied all charges against him.

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