Sain Building Debate (Audio)

Clarkstown Supervisor expressed his disappointment that the Sain Building sale continues to languish in the County Legislature. George Hoehmann was a guest on The Morning Show yesterday, and he said it makes no sense for a handful of Ramapo legislators to hold the sale up, when it could mean tax revenue for the town and the county…

Audio clip: George Hoehmann

County Executive Ed Day echoed legislator Jay Hood’s sentiment that the opposition to the sale is more personal than professional…

Audio Clip: Ed Day

Clarkstown Councilman John Noto says similar scrutiny has never accompanied similar real estate deals in the past…and the buyer’s planned Senior Housing Project will help the town…

Audio Clip: John Noto

Spring Valley legislator Aron Wieder continues to insist he has not gotten enough information from the county executive to make a decision on the sale of the building.

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