WRCR Morning Show Gets Satisfaction for Listener, Friend of Show

(Audio) Earlier this week, you may have heard the story of Steve Possell’s friend Milton Koja, an accomplished musician who also happens to be blind. When he tried to get a sandwich at the New City Subway restaurant on Monday evening, he was turned away because he had his service dog, Nash. That runs counter to the Americans with Disabilities Act. After that, when Milton tried to call Clarkstown Police for help, there was more confusion, with the police explaining the issue was out of their jurisdiction…

Audio clip: Milton Koja

After a few more failed attempts at satisfaction, Milton called “The Morning Show” and then WNBC News got wind of the situation, which got Milton, the county executive, and Clarkstown’s supervisor together the next day at the Subway where everything was settled. Clarkstown police have since taken a report from him stemming from the incident. The owner of the Subway explained that a new employee who initially dealt with Milton was unaware of the law, and offered him his apologies and a free lunch. On yesterday’s Morning Show, County Sheriff Lou Falco said police prepare for uncommon circumstances during training at the police academy and in refresher courses called “roll call” training…

Audio clip: Lou Falco

Falco said he’ll be bringing Milton’s story to his next meeting of the county’s police chiefs so that the case serves as a learning experience.

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