Report: Future of Ballpark in Ramapo TBD

(Audio) Now that Chris St. Lawrence has been convicted and removed from his Ramapo Supervisor position, the fate of the Boulders’ ballpark is up in the air. Acting Supervisor Yitzchok Ullman told the Journal News last week that the stadium “might not be worth keeping open” but he doesn’t want “to hurt the Boulders or the town.” Rockland Business Association CEO Al Samuels says the ball park is a great tourist attraction instead of getting rid of it, the town should figure out how to get more value out of it. On the Morning Show Friday, Samuels said for other construction projects that are built under fraudulent circumstances, the builders should be forced to tear them down…

Audio clip: Al Samuels

Rockland County Executive Ed Day, who was also on the show Friday, recently launched an initiative to prevent improper construction projects from moving forward if they were in violation of county specifications…

Audio clip: Ed Day

Samuels added that paying fines is simply not enough, and extreme repercussions will keep people from building improperly in the future.

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