Sain Building Rhetoric Ratchets Up

(Audio) The back-and-forth over the Sain Building ratcheted up a notch Friday during the Morning Show between the County Executive and a Ramapo Legislator. Aron Wieder is a member of the Budget & Finance committee that kept the sale of the Sain Building from going to the full legislature for a vote. Wider admits he and the county executive have yet to have even a face-to-face meeting about the issue…

Audio Clip: Aron Wieder

County executive Ed Day said he was at the meeting but he had been double-booked…

Audio Clip: Ed Day

Both said they are eager to meet face-to-face to discuss their differences over the issues. Supporters say the 4-point-5 million dollar sale of the Sain building would provide much-needed revenue to the county and the town of Clarkstown.

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