North Rockland Library Battle

(Audio) The cost of borrowing books in North Rockland could get pricier in the near future as Haverstraw and Stony Point residents are thrust into a battle between two area library districts. Haverstraw’s supervisor says the Rose Memorial Library district in Stony Point is trying to have everyone in the North Rockland School District foot the bill for an expansion project. Howard Phillips says that is entirely unfair and it’s akin to asking Haverstraw residents to be taxed twice…

Audio clip: Howard Phillips

Phillips suggested the Kings Daughter’s library district in Haverstraw should do the same thing for its much larger library and have Stony Point residents foot that tax bill. Stony Point supervisor Jim Monaghan says the Rose Memorial Library request is a 200 percent increase, and the money would have to come from somewhere…

Audio clip: Jim Monaghan

A public hearing is being held the evening of May 30th. A public vote could take place in July which Phillips believes was a “devious and sneaky” way to keep voters away from the polls in the middle of summer.

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