Sain Building Battle

(Audio) The sale of the Sain building in New City continues to be at the center of a political battle with both sides digging in and refusing to give up. Last week legislators from Ramapo kept the issue from moving to the full legislature for a vote. That had the President of the Rockland Business Association, Al Samuels, who called into the Morning Show on Friday, suggesting there may be another buyer for the property who they think could come in with a lower bid if the current interested buyer decides to pack up and leave his 4.5 million dollar offer on the table…

Audio clip: Al Samuels

While Ramapo legislator Aron Wieder says he and others on the committee need more information on various issues including parking and traffic before a decision can be made, the County Executive suggested Wieder should be more concerned about the planning going on in Ramapo before he concerns himself with the county’s planning…

Audio clip: Ed Day

Supporters say the sale of the Sain building would provide much-needed revenue to the county and the town of Clarkstown.

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