Governor Cuomo’s Plan Offers 10 Cents on the Dollar to ‘High Need Schools’

In response to Governor Cuomo’s Executive Budget announcement, the Alliance for Quality Education released the following statement: Governor Cuomo is offering only ten cents on the dollar for high need schools after pledging during his State of the State that he would tackle separate and unequal education in New York public schools. By only proposing to fund 10 percent of the Foundation Aid owed to schools, Governor Cuomo specifically shortchanges students in poverty and students of color,” said Jasmine Gripper, Legislative Director, Alliance for Quality Education. “This budget proposal will perpetuate systemic racism and economic injustice in school funding. By his own accounting, the funding increase is for ‘inflation,’ which means he is doing nothing about the $10,000 spending difference between rich and poor students.” As a result of the historic Campaign for Fiscal Equity lawsuit, New York State schools are owed $4.3 billion in Foundation Aid according to the New York State Board of Regents. The overwhelming majority of this is owed to high poverty schools and 58 percent is owed to black and Latino students.


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