Delhomme Faces Allegations in 2017

Mayor Demeza Delhomme of Spring Valley will be facing a 2-year-old citizens’ legal action in 2017 seeking to oust him from office for allegations of malfesanace. The Supreme Court’s Appellate Division in Brooklyn has assigned retired jurist Nicholas Colabella to possibly hear testimony, issue a report and final recommendation. An appellate panel would then rule on the issue of whether Delhomme would retain his position as Mayor of Spring Valley. The attorney representing Delhomme, Kevin Conway, told the Journal News, “I think once he hears the context and who’s making the allegations, I think it all will be dismissed.” The legal action accuses Delhomme of misusing a village credit card and bridge pass, firing employees without following civil service regulations, religious discrimination, and taking actions without Board of Trustees’ approval, buying a new car with taxpayer money among other allegations. (Source: The Journal News)

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