DiNapoli Reviews Day’s 2017 Budget

On Friday, County Executive Ed Day got a review of his proposed 2017 Budget for Rockland County by State Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli. While the recommendations by the Comptroller are non-binding they may be used as a source of guidance as residents and the legislature consider the approval of the budget by December 7.   According to DiNapoli’s report of Day’s $704.5 million budget the comptroller saw two grey areas: the budget does not show a plan for lowering debt and it doesn’t account for salary increases from the finalization of impending contracts. According to Day’s report the good news is that the 2015 debt of $16 million is expected to drop to $10 million by January 1. DiNapoli’s report says, “the county must have a plan to reduce this deficit over a specific period of time. The 2017 proposed budget does not include provisions for this.” Also, ten unions are now negotiating collective-bargaining agreements. Salaries are expected to increase and Day’s budget does not make provisions for the increase. DiNapoli’s report recommends that the county, “consider the potential financial impact of contract settlements when finalizing the 2017 budget.” Day says noting union salary increases in the budget would affect negotiations. On the upside Day’s proposed budget projections for revenue and expenditure’s were found to be “reasonable” and stays beneath the tax cap. In his defense Day said, “The core part of the report affirms that my administration has stopped the poor practices of the past that nearly bankrupted us, that our revenues and expenditures are reasonable and accurate. And unlike the legislature, which spent millions of dollars I put aside for deficit reduction in my first budget, we are in fact driving the deficit down by an average of over $10 million per year over the last three years”.

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