Wolfe No Change on Jennings Appointment

Rockland County Legislature Chairman Alden H. Wolfe said he has not changed his position regarding the confirmation of the county’s Acting Human Rights Commissioner.   In a statement Wolfe said that his position regarding the rejection of the appointment of Dr. Penny Jennings “were clearly stated at the meeting by those who chose to speak. My vote was based upon her failure to follow through on her commitment to be responsive to Legislators.” Wolfe said he continues to back an investigation into Rockland County’s Community Development Block Grant program after a statement by County Executive Ed Day about “wrongdoing and possible corruption” and Day’s vow to “get to the bottom of where this HUD money has gone.” According to Wolfe, Jennings signed a document acknowledging the executive and the legislative branches are co-equal branches of Rockland government and that she had a responsibility to both branches. Wolfe said Jennings had failed to provide information to the Legislature, had ignored emails and calls from his office and failed to attend committee meetings for weeks. In a statement Day said, “when (Wolfe) had the opportunity at a July 26th legislative meeting to ask Commissioner Jennings to brief the legislature on what she was doing in her department, she was greeted with an abusive, politically based, cross examination.” Day added, “Mr. Wolfe now knows that Commissioner Jennings is in the midst of assisting federal investigators and common sense demands she be kept in place. Instead his refusal to revisit his decision clearly states that at the very least, he is complicit in an unintended disruption of said investigation.” Wolfe said this is an “utter fabrication,” he added, “Despite my request of Dr. Jennings, no details of any kind related to this investigation have been provided to us.”

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